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class UserGroup(Resource)

Represents Active Directory groups configured to manage the system.


  • id : Identifier for the user group.
  • name : Name of the user group.
  • description : Description of the user group.
  • role_id : Identifier for the user group's role.
  • role : Role of the user.
  • inactivity_timeout : The amount of time that the user session is inactive before timing out. A value of 0 indicates that the timeout is taken from the group setting.
  • creation_time : Time when this user was created.
  • last_modified : Time when this user was last modified.
  • disabled : User is currently disabled.
  • external_id : External ID of the user group. In Active Directory, it is the group's SID (Security Identifier).
  • domain_id : Identifier of the domain this user group belongs to.
  • domain_name : Role of the user.