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class Subscriber(Resource)

Subscribers are websocket based notification clients that can subscribe to interesting operations and events and recieve notifications whenever the subscribed to operations and events happen on the array.


  • id : Identifier for subscriber.
  • type : This is generally used to indicate the type of subscriber e.g. SMIS/GUI/ThirdParty etc. This is free form and doesn't need to be unique.
  • renew_interval : The interval in seconds within which the subscriber is expected to send a renew message over the websocket channel in case there is no traffic on the websocket channel.
  • renew_response_timeout : The interval in seconds after the subscriber sends a renew message within which the subscriber expects to get a response.
  • is_connected : True if the subscriber has an active websocket connection.
  • notification_count : Number of notifications sent to subscriber.
  • force : Forcibly modify a connected subscriber.