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class NetworkInterface(Resource)

Manage per array network interface configuration.


  • id : Identifier for the interface.
  • array_name_or_serial : Name or serial of the array where the interface is hosted.
  • partial_response_ok : Indicate that it is ok to provide partially available response.
  • array_id : Identifier for the array.
  • controller_name : Name (A or B) of the controller where the interface is hosted.
  • controller_id : Identifier of the controller where the interface is hosted.
  • name : Name of the interface.
  • mac : MAC address of the interface.
  • is_present : Whether this interface is present on this controller.
  • link_speed : Speed of the link.
  • link_status : Status of the link.
  • mtu : MTU on the link.
  • port : Port number for this interface.
  • slot : Slot number for this interface.
  • max_link_speed : Maximum speed of the link.
  • nic_type : Interface type.
  • ip_list : List of IP addresses assigned to this network interface.