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class Subnet(Resource)

Search subnets information. Many networking tasks require that objects such as replication partners are either on the same network or have a route to a secondary network. Subnets let you create logical addressing for selective routing.


  • id : Identifier for the initiator group.
  • name : Name of subnet configuration.
  • network : Subnet network address.
  • netmask : Subnet netmask address.
  • type : Subnet type. Options include 'mgmt', 'data', and 'mgmt,data'.
  • allow_iscsi : Subnet type.
  • allow_group : Subnet type.
  • discovery_ip : Subnet network address.
  • mtu : MTU for specified subnet. Valid MTU's are in the 512-16000 range.
  • netzone_type : Specify Network Affinity Zone type for iSCSI enabled subnets. Valid types are Single, Bisect, and EvenOdd for iSCSI subnets.
  • vlan_id : VLAN ID for specified subnet. Valid ID's are in the 1-4094 range.
  • creation_time : Time when this subnet configuration was created.
  • last_modified : Time when this subnet configuration was last modified.
  • failover : Failover setting of the subnet.
  • failover_enable_time : Failover for this subnet will be enabled again at the time specified by failover_enable_time.