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class Controller(Resource)

Controller is a redundant collection of hardware capable of running the array software.


  • id : Identifier of the controller.
  • name : Name of the controller.
  • array_name : Name of the array containing this controller.
  • array_id : Rest ID of the array containing this controller.
  • partial_response_ok : Indicate that it is ok to provide partially available response.
  • serial : Serial number for this controller.
  • model : Model of this controller.
  • hostname : Host name for the controller.
  • support_address : IP address used for support.
  • support_netmask : IP netmask used for support.
  • support_nic : Network card used for support.
  • power_status : Overall power supply status for the controller.
  • fan_status : Overall fan status for the controller.
  • temperature_status : Overall temperature status for the controller.
  • power_supplies : Status for each power supply in the controller.
  • fans : Status for each fan in the controller.
  • temperature_sensors : Status for temperature sensor in the controller.
  • partition_status : Status of the system's raid partitions.
  • ctrlr_side : Identifies which controller this is on its array.
  • state : Indicates whether this controller is active or not.
  • nvme_cards_enabled : Indicates if the NVMe accelerator card is enabled.
  • nvme_cards : List of NVMe accelerator cards.
  • asup_time : Time of the last autosupport by the controller.