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class Event(Resource)

View events.


  • id : Identifier for the event record.
  • type : Type of the event record.
  • name : Name of alert macro to generate.
  • scope : The array name for array level event.
  • target : Name of object upon which the event occurred.
  • target_type : Target type of the event record.
  • timestamp : Time when this event happened.
  • category : Category of the event record.
  • severity : Severity level of the event.
  • summary : Summary of the event.
  • activity : Description of the event.
  • alarm_id : The alarm ID if the event is related to an alarm.
  • params : Arguments provided for event creation in key-value structure. Until KV implementation for events, will ignore keys (though keys must be non-empty) and take values positionally.
  • tenant_id : Tenant ID of the event. This is used to determine what tenant context the event belongs to.